New residents are settling in

There are six new calves at Haye, all girls so far. One was born in a quiet corner away from the rest of the herd, which is where we found Mum and calf just after she the event. Stuart moved closer to make sure all was well, a quiet and gentle approach and just a careful look at the two. All being fine we left them to get to know each other. The newly born are not the only new arrivals. We took on some rescue chickens, some in better condition than others. We lost two after a few days. Despite our sadness, we were comforted that they had had some time in the sunshine, and known some tender loving care. The rest are gaining in strength, and feathers! Some have bald patches with dark quills now appearing. They are inquisitive, mostly fearless, and huge fun. They are learning how to use the ramp and can climb up to bed now – when they are good and ready! One has a particular fascination with the ring I wear,and likes to peck at it. They make the most lovely cooing sounds as they potter about scratching. It’s great to see them sunbathing, wings stretched out to make the most of the warmth. We shall be hanging up interesting treats for them to peck at, and I’ve heard they like fresh mint in their coop – as this has made an appearance in the vegetable bed they will definitely have some to try!

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