The farm has over 5 acres of traditional standard orchards, made up of cherry, plum, apple and pear. We avoid using any chemical sprays on the trees and instead allow natural predators to keep the pests at manageable levels. The sheep graze underneath the trees to help fertilize and eat windfalls to keep away disease. We have 50 local and traditional varieties of both desert and cooking apples, available as fruit or pasteurised juice. Our large variety of plums allows us to have an extended season of available fruit.

Harvesting apples on a ladder

The Forest Garden was created in the 1990s, it is designed to mimic a woodland but planted with edible/medicinal species. Planted with mainly perennial crops it provides a low maintenance, productive, diverse, and highly resilient food system. We use some of the produce to make a variety of jams and preserves available from the farm. The forest garden is also a tranquil place to visit

Our Tuesday volunteers help to maintain and manage both the orchards and Forest Garden.
Fruit is for sale in season, jams / preserves and apple juice are for sale year round.
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