Slab of raw beef with sprig of seasoning from farm near Birmingham

Our Dexter Beef and Wiltshire Horn lamb is slowly matured on flower-rich pastures. They’re on a 100% pasture-based diet receiving no grain or other supplements.
We do not routinely use any antibiotics or chemical wormer, unless absolutely necessary for the health and welfare of the animal.
The Dexter breed has built up a strong reputation for the quality of its beef. The cattle stay on the farm for their whole lives, before going to the abattoir at typically 3 years of age.
We have beef available multiple times throughout the year. We sell it in mixed boxes or individual cuts.
Again, being a traditional native British breed, the Wiltshire Horn is well suited to our pasture based system. We allow our sheep time to fully mature and optimise flavour, selling them as hogget (1 year old) and mutton (over 1 year old)
Beef, hogget, and mutton are for sale at the farm.

Beef Prices

Individual Cuts

Mince 500g £7
Diced 500g £7
Rump Steak (pack of 2) £24/kg
Sirloin Steak (pack of 2) £29/kg
Fillet Steak (pack of 2) £39/kg
Brazing Steak £14/kg
Shin £12/kg
Skirt £13/kg
Ribeye (Boneless) £25/kg
Ribeye (Bone In) / Tomahawk £20/kg
Short Ribs £13.50/kg
Silverside Roasting Joint


Topside Roasting Joint


Brisket Roasting Joint


Slow Roasting Joint








Kidney £9/kg
Liver £8/kg
Tongue £13/kg


Lamb Prices

Individual Cuts

  Hogget Mutton
 Cutlets / Chops £22/kg £21/kg
 Steaks £25/kg £24/kg
 Neck Fillet £25/kg £24/kg
 Rack of Lamb £25/kg £24/kg
 Leg Joint (Bone In) £18/kg £15/kg
 Shoulder Joint £15/kg £14/kg
 Mince 500g £7.50  
 Liver £14/kg  
 Kidney £10/kg  
 Heart £12/kg  


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