Market Garden

Haye Farm Market Garden- woman gardening, pumpkins

The market garden was set up by Liz in 2023 and shares the inspirations, values and aims of the farm. We produce a wide range of vegetables which changes over the seasons.

The beds in the garden are made from the farm’s compost, laid on top of previously grazed pasture and topped up each year. The garden is no-dig, meaning we don’t dig with spades or use rotavators or other machinery to turn the soil. We leave it alone (other than hand weeding, sowing and harvesting) to preserve the structure and add compost on top each year to feed it. This is great for soil life and in turn feeds our crops and helps them to reach higher yields and be more resilient to pests and diseases. If you would like to learn more about no-dig gardening and even apply it to your own garden, the book “No Dig” by Charles Dowding would be highly recommended.

The market garden is not certified organic, mainly because this is a costly process. However, we aim to reach and even exceed organic standards. No pesticides, herbicides or artificial fertilisers are ever used on the garden. We let nature take its course. Fostering a healthy biodiverse ecosystem, from the microbes in the soil to the insects that feed on aphids to the toads that eat slugs, prevents the need for chemicals.

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To find out more about how we grow, come along to one of our events. We would love to meet you!
We are members of the Wyre Forest Green Alliance and are often present at Greener Living Fairs amongst other events such as SustFest.

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