Dexter cattle have been on the farm since the 1990s. They are the smallest native British breed of cattle, traditionally kept as a dual-purpose; meaning they were used for both milk and beef. Ours are kept solely for beef, which is available direct from the farm. They are a hardy breed meaning we can keep them outside all year round. The cattle are mob grazed, meaning they graze an area at high intensity for a short duration, typically a day, before moving on to another area. This mimics natural grazing movements, giving the pasture longer rest periods and allowing the grasses time to build stronger roots. This benefits the animal’s health by reducing the worm burden as they are not overgrazing, meaning fewer vets visits.

Cow with horns in the long grass at Haye Farm

The animals are completely pasture fed, so they receive no additional feed other than hay in winter, which is rolled out on the pasture. This slow grown method of rearing allows for healthier animals and tastier meat.

Our flock of Wiltshire Horn sheep graze mainly in the orchards, where the cattle would damage the trees. They are another hardy native breed with the added benefit of being able to moult, this saves us the time and cost of having to shear their fleece. Like the cattle they are purely grass fed, we allow them more time to mature giving a greater size and better flavour.

A group of sheep by some trees at Haye Farm

We sometimes have breeding stock of the Dexters and Wiltshire sheep for sale, get in touch if you are interested.
Our slow matured Dexter Beef and Wiltshire Horn Hogget (year old lamb) and Mutton are for sale at the farm.
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