Compost corner

Everything needs checking to get the best out of it, and compost is no exception. To give you some background, adding mycelium (fungal networks) to the soil helps retain nutrients, moisture and helps plant life become more robust and disease resistant. Stuart embarked on a programme of adding compost to the grazing land a while ago to support and strengthen it. He decided to “grow his own” in true farming fashion. Tree surgeons now drop off their shredded tree waste, and over time animal manure is mixed into it for quicker composting, some is left to slowly break down. Once the compost is well broken down, it is spread on the land. Stuart has already “seeded” a number of fields, this Autumn will mean most of the grazing land will have been composted. In these photos, you can see the range of temperatures of the different composts. If it gets too hot it’s turned to get the best results.

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