Autumn is moving along

As well as the drop in temperature, and the tree colours blazing, there is a lot going on at the farm. Some of it expected and some of it a surprise! The expected is of course the apple and pear harvest. There are many interesting varieties of fruits at Haye. All are grown without the use of sprays in untreated orchards, as nature intended. The orchards are grazed by the cattle and sheep, manuring as they go bringing nutrients to the grazing and the trees. We recently sold a few apples at the local Greener Living Fair – they were soon snapped up.
Also expected is the appearance of funghi. They are popping up all over the farm, many different sorts can be seen. They are important in soil health, transporting critical nutrients and breaking down dead material returning their complex compounds to the soil.  They are also food for some, as you can see by the nibbling that has gone on here!
And then of course, the unexpected!  You may remember the large mounds of compost breaking down ready to be added to the grazing land.  Suddenly over the top of the hills appeared these! Not just for Halloween – these are going to be delicious, and hopefully after curing they’ll last a good while into the Winter.
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