Wiltshire Horn Sheep

Wiltshire Horns are an attractive, hardy, self-sufficient breed. Being prolific they consistently produce twins and sometimes triplets. The carcass is large with good confirmation and flavoursome meat

The Wiltshire Horn is unusual in that they’ve a natural ability to shed their winter fleece in the spring. This characteristic makes the breed very low on husbandry requirements. Not only do they not have to be manually sheared, they aren’t susceptible to fly strike like most other breeds. With the onset of man made fibres demand for wool as dropped dramatically, the cost of shearing a sheep is now more expensive than the value of the fleece

All these credentials give us a breed highly suited to modern commercial requirements. The breed is also well suited to smallholders and people new to keeping sheep

Our Melgrove flock was established in 2002. Numbers are now established at approximately 45 breeding females. The sheep are used as part of a mixed grazing regime alongside the cattle. The only supplementary feed they receive is for a few weeks before lambing. Lambs are born in March/April, male lambs are finished for meat in the autumn while most females are selected for breeding either being added to our own flock or sold to other breeders

Wiltshire Horn sheep of various ages are usually available for sale. Please CONTACT US about availability or to arrange a viewing