On a hot day in June.

Today I watched the butterflies dancing amongst the meadow grasses. There’s quite a view from up here in the cherry orchard, and on this very hot day it’s so clear you can see for miles. The sheep are enjoying the shade and I did too, eating cherries as I went, and I caught sight of a blackbird sneaking away with a bit of bright red in its beak. Mrs N told me that years ago her dear husband set up a contraption to disuade the birds from making off with the fruit. In amongst the trees he rigged up a metal device that bashed and clanged, and at its source was a rope at the farmhouse that he pulled vigorously early every morning to make lots of noise! Mrs N was none too happy about the din at that early hour, but it did serve its purpose – and as requested she dilligently pulled away at the rope from time to time during the day. The noise maker has long gone. The birds probably have belly ache from the amount they have eaten now but they have left some for us humans to enjoy. Such a lovely day, such a beautiful view, and shared with the sleepy sheep and the dancing butterflies.